Food that will boost your mood


We all know that there are certain types of food that make us feel better. However, have gone further than that and have compiled a list of foods that help boost our mood:

(…) these are the top 10 foods that can boost a mood quickly, naturally and without any adverse reactions that can endanger your health – not to mention that these superfoods are also more affordable. All the above-mentioned foods have been scientifically proven to lift mood, therefore you can replace supplement and pills with one or more of these foods. If you are predisposed to depression and anxiety, you can easily prevent these bothersome provided that you understand the relationship between food and mood. Certain foods can not only boost the efficiency of anti-depressants, but they can even prevent relapse in the long run.

Their list includes:

  • berries (contain antioxidants)
  • chocolate (we all knew that, didn’t we..)
  • green tea (reduces stress, increases alertness and focus)
  • bananas (raise levels of serotonin)
  • sardines (provide our brain with vital fatty acids)
  • avocados (increase endorphins)
  • poultry (aids the body in coping with stress)
  • dark leafy greens (contain folic acid and magnesium, both of which have positive effect on mood)
  • eggs (rich in Vitamin D, otherwise known as “the sunshine vitamin”)
  • walnuts (help lower cholesterol and improve blood circulation)

Interested? Please read their list in detail HERE.

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