Our Services

The Hazelton Clinic offers a comprehensive list of services for anyone who is seeking help.

Our team are here to help with any issue, and to offer non-judgemental and effective support.

The list below is to serve as a guide, however it is by no means complete.

If you are seeking support please do not hesitate to call us on

(021) 493 6006.


Counselling / Psychoterapy (Adults & Children)

Individual Counselling / Therapy

Couples Counselling / Therapy

Child / Children Counselling / Therapy

Family Counselling / Therapy


Therapies Available:

Art Therapy (Adult & Child)

CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy)

EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitising & Reprocessing)

Existential Therapy

Integrative Family Systems (IFS)

Integrative Psychotherapy

Humanistic Psychotherapy

Play Therapy (4 – 12 years)

Nutrutional therapy

Psychoanalysis & Psychodynamic Therapies

Reality Therapy

Solution Focused Therapy


Psychological Services:

Assessments (ADHD, Bi-Polar, Personality Disorders, General Mental Health)

Diagnosis and Treatment

Educational Reports

Medico-Legal Reports

Other psychological testing services


Psychiatric Services:

Psychiatric Assessment

Monitoring of Psychiatric Health

Prescriptions & Treatment

Psychiatric Reports

Court Appearances (please call 021-4936006 for more information)


Mediation Services:

Family Mediation

Professional / Workplace Mediation

Group Mediation

Memorandum of Understanding




Anger Management 

Self Esteem & Confidence Building 

Introduction To Stress Management


Distance Counselling / Psychotherapy

Ideal for people who have time / travelling restrictions

Available for both new and existing clients

Telephone Counselling

Skype Counselling

Other media forms also available (Text, Viber & Whatsapp) – please ask at reception.

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