Self-Esteem & Confidence Building-One Day Workshop

Next Workshop Date: TBC

Schedule: 10am to 5pm (break for lunch from 1pm to 2pm)

Facilitator: Pat Dermody MIACP

Price: €99 per participant

In order to secure a place, we recommend to book early. A deposit is required to complete your booking.

To book your place in the workshop or to find out more information please call: (021) 493 6006

Course Description:

We all have the ability to become more assertive and confident even if we have trouble believing this at times. Too many of us struggle in relationships and in the workplace with self-esteem issues. How we feel about ourselves i.e. whether we have high, moderate or low self-esteem determines our ability to be assertive (rather than aggressive!) as well as confident.

How we relate to other people, make decisions and choices, how we think, how to feel, and how we behave all depends on our self-esteem.

Our personal development course offers a range of practical and effective techniques, experiential role-play, as well as informative material, designed to help you build and improve you esteem, to believe in yourself, and enjoy a happy, fulfilling life.