Professor Cèsar Jayaro M.Ps.S.I – Chartered Clinical Psychologist

Chartered Clinical Neuropsychologist

Dr. Cèsar Jayaro is Chartered Clinical Psychologist with more than 15 years of clinical practice, providing assessments for adults. His practice as a psychotherapist is aimed to create a welcoming atmosphere where patients feel comfortable and cared for and, at the same time to look for solutions in a specific time with techniques scientifically proven for the patients condition.


Dr. Jayaro’s main approach to treating mental health conditions is CBT, using protocols and limited sessions to solve different clinical or regular life situations. Instead of that, and according to the patient’s needs, other techniques such as existentialism and play therapy could be used depending on the patient’s needs. Dr. Jayaro was also trained as a neuropsychologist, which allows him to have a perspective from the biological point of view, which in some conditions is relevant. Dr. Jayaro has also a lot of training and experience in sexuality, its problems, and interventions, which is a reliable resource in these motives of consultation.

In addition, he has worked in the private and public sector getting a lot of experience with different mental health conditions, as well as different populations.  He has also gained a lot of experience managing health care services with drug-addictions in children and adults, and preventive plans to avoid drug consumption in vulnerable populations.

Dr. Jayaro has been a professor in many universities in the USA, Europe, and Latin-American. He has taught in areas like Abnormal Psychology, Cognitive Psychology, Research Methods, General Psychology, Motivation and Emotion, Psychotherapy, Cognitive Rehabilitation, Assessment and Intervention of Mental disorders, Clinical Psychology and Neuropsychology and supervision of students in undergraduate and graduate programs.

Dr. Jayaro also has a wide range of experience in presenting posters and conferences about the topics of his expertise, both nationally and internationally. He has done research related to mental health conditions and interventions, which gives him a lot of actualised knowledge about this field. He has also supervised thesis projects at bachelor, master, and doctoral levels, all with successful results. He has published in peer-reviewed academic journals during his career as a clinical psychologist.

Assessment and intervention:

Personality disorders

Neuropsychological assessment and intervention

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

ADHD Assessment

Pre- and post-surgery neuropsychological assessment

Psychoeducational assessment and intervention

Other Psychological assessment in children, adults, and older adults.

Seasonal Affective Disorder


Learning disabilities


Panic Attacks


Fear of Flying

Eating Disorders






Concentration problems

Social Anxiety

Sleep Problems


Surgery neuropsychological support (intervention evaluation during surgery)

Vocational orientation

Work Stress

Child Separation Anxiety


Family issues

Marriage Counselling

Relationship Problems

Gender and Sexuality

Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD)

Clinical Depression

Low Self-Esteem

Physical Illness

Post-Natal Depression


Qualification and memberships

• Bachelor’s in Psychology

• Master in Assessment and  Intervention in Mental,  Neuropsychiatric and
Neuropsychological disorders 

• Advanced Studies in Psychiatry

• Advances Studies in Human Sexuality (assessment and intervention).

• Advances Studies in Rorschach Test

• Doctor by the Universidad Complutense de Madrid.

• Member of the Psychological Society of Ireland

• Registered as a Clinical Psychologist by the Health Department of Ireland

• Member of the International Neuropsychological Society

• Member of the Division of Clinical Psychology Ireland