Anger Management Skills: One Day Workshop

Next workshop date: Now enrolling for 2020

Schedule: 10am to 5pm (break for lunch from 1pm to 2pm)

Facilitator: Pat Dermody MIACP

Price: €99 per participant

In order to secure a place, we recommend to book early. A deposit is required to complete your booking.

To book your place in the workshop or to find out more information please call: (021) 4936006

Course Objectives:

Understanding and normalizing anger in a healthy and assertive manner.

Understanding the steps needed to integrate one’s own anger.

Developing a plan to control aggression.

Understanding the effects of stress and how it contributes to loss of control and unhealthy ways of expressing anger

Understanding the importance of self-esteem in establishing and maintaining “self / other” boundaries and the effect of this on self-control

Topics addressed in this include:

Understanding anger.

What happens in our brain when we are angry

Family taboos.

Normalizing anger as a feeling.

The difference between anger and aggression / violence.

Reasons we use anger in an unhealthy fashion.

How we express our anger: stuffing, exploding, integrating.

Distorted thinking.

Anger management skills.

Handling aggression.


Anger control