Last minute beach tips: how to avoid bloating

isloated-beachThanks to the great weather we have been having, we no longer need to dream of sunny beaches in foreign countries. Everyone with a free minute to spare can bask in the sun. Usually the only thing that may ruin the pleasure is self-consciousness and being convinced that one does not look as fabulous as one might like to without all those clothes to cover up. While self-image and confidence is an entirely separate topic, HERE is helpful article  for people who suffer from IBS or other conditions that result in bloating and discomfort.

Here are the tips in a nutshell:

  • avoiding carbonated drinks;
  • minimise intake of salt and sodium;
  • stay away from gas-producing products (cabbage, broccoli, beans…)
  • curb alcohol intake;
  • avoid sugar and carbohydrates (this one is more for avoiding excess weight altogether; but it helps to maintain a flat belly!)
  • no bulky foods;
  • no chewing gum, candy or mints;
  • less spicy foods.

You can read the list in detail on Don’t forget to protect your skin with appropriate sun cream and enjoy the sun without worries!

Disclaimer: The Hazelton Clinic is not liable for content or changes in content of any outside sources. The above information is provided for entertainment purposes only, and is meant to encourage healthy lifestyle, emotional and physical well-being and awareness. It does not constitute medical advice.