Parenting Skills- One Day Workshop

Next workshop date: Now enrolling for Saturday 19th 2020 via Zoom

Schedule: 10am to 5pm (break for lunch from 1pm to 2pm)

Facilitator: Pat Dermody MIACP

Price: €99 per participant

In order to secure a place, we recommend to book early. A deposit is required to complete your booking.

To book your place in the workshop or to find out more information please call: (021) 493 6006

The course objectives are to help participants:

Understand different styles of parenting.

Understand how their own experience in their family of origin impacts on their parenting style.

Develop a basic understanding of childhood development and personality formation.

Learn how to have a positive impact on their child’s development: emotionally, psychologically, intellectually, socially and spiritually.

Develop plans to deal with conflict.

Understand the importance of expressing feelings.

Take steps to encourage self-esteem and self confidence in their child.

Understand how to help their child develop healthy “self / other” boundaries.

Develop an understanding of relationship dynamics.

Topics addressed in this course include:

Childhood development

Attachment styles

Ego state development

Positive and negative parenting styles

Conflict resolution

Challenging behaviours

Family taboos

Normalizing feelings, Love, Hurt, Fear, and Anger

Self-Esteem and critical thinking

Anger control