Mediation is a process whereby  a certified and experienced Mediator assists two disputing parties to resolve their dispute in a neutral, safe, fair and independent way.  Mediation is a way of resolving simple and complex disputes and is entirely voluntary.  Mediation is often sought as an alternative process to court proceedings and is utilised in order for both parties to reach a collaborative resolution between them using the expertise of the Mediator they choose to engage with.  Mediation seeks to invite those with an open mind and the process is fair to all participants.  A resolution is obtained by consulting with each party in equally and and both parties are offered the opportunity to consult with the Mediator one to one before both parties engaging with the Mediator at the same time.  Mediation can be carried out in a short amount of time e.g one day, or over several sessions,  again, depending on the complexities of the dispute.  Mediation is not a substitute for legal advice or counselling, rather an assisted process whereby the resolution is achieved by two willing and engaging participants.

Why choose mediation over court proceedings?

Mediation is significantly cheaper: costs of participation in mediation are only a fraction of legal fees and costs associated with legal proceedings.

Mediation is quicker: an agreement between the parties can be reached within a month, and with an 80% success rate it is more convenient for everyone involved, whereas legal proceedings can take years to resolve.

Mediation is easier: with a 80% success rate, the result is achieved cheaper, quicker and with more satisfaction to everyone involved.

Medication is low-risk: both parties have a say in the final agreement, which is therefore guaranteed to meet the interests of everyone involved in the process.

Mediation is flexible: the appointment times and frequency of sessions are chosen by the clients.


UPDATE November 2023: Please note at this time we do not have a mediator in our team.


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