Rebecca Verrall – BA , MA IACAT


Full Member of Irish Association of Creative Arts Therapy

Art therapy is suitable for both children and adults. No artistic skill is required. In art therapy the client can explore and work on issues much like verbal therapy, however art materials are used as the means of expression rather than verbal expression. This makes art therapy highly beneficial for preverbal trauma, children, social anxiety, low self-esteem, feeling ‘stuck’, working the subconscious and unconscious to develop self-awareness.

Rebecca is a qualified art psychotherapist and completed her Masters degree in MTU. Rebecca has experience working in health care settings, mental health resource centres and schools with a variety of clients. Rebecca’s art therapy practice is grounded in a humanistic approach with an awareness of psychodynamics and the teachings of Carl Jung. She trusts deeply in her client’s inner wisdom and supports them to use this wisdom to develop their own understanding of their emotions and experiences in a safe and compassionate environment. Sessions vary based on the needs of the client and age.

Rebecca is currently expanding her knowledge in training with Bonnie Badenoch ‘Nurturing the Heart with the Brain in Mind’. This is a heart- based training in relational neuroscience. Rebecca’s area of interest in her own research is focused on the acknowledgement of the therapists love for their client and how it supports change.