Easy Ways to Instantly Boost your Energy

As much as we all want to be able to go through our day without getting tired, losing focus and motivation, or becoming irritable, very few people (if any) can achieve that. We are only human and it is perfectly normal to feel less than 100% energetic and capable at all points of your day. That said, if you are feeling tired and there is still a lot of work instead of you, it might be useful to know how to get an instant energy boost, ideally without the harmful energy drinks and endless amounts of coffee. We found a great little article from Greatist.com where they compiled a list of simple tips. Look through them to see what works for you, and you never know, next time this could make a big difference to your day!

Our favourites are:02 - ways to boost your energy

  • smell a lemon;
  • laugh;
  • do something interesting;
  • sit up straight;
  • sing out loud.



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