Food Addiction Shown to be Similar to Drug Addiction

According to an article recently published on, new research suggests that food addicts are going through similar brain chemistry changes as hard drug addicts. Tests performed with rats have revealed that addiction to junk food (the likes of sausage or cheesecake) produces chemical changes in the brain, similar to those that are experienced by addiction to drugs (cocaine and heroin).

This “Study shows compulsive eating shares addictive biochemical mechanism with cocaine, and heroin abuse,” according to the study.

For too many people then, bacon, candy, french fries, and many other fattening foods are like abusing cocaine, or heroin.

At the heart of  the study are brain chemistry shenanigans occurring from the ingestion of fattening foods, just as there are changes in substance abuser brain chemistry from drugs.

The full article was posted on website, and you can access it by clicking here (article will open in a new window).