To ensure constant quality monitoring we have started the practice of asking our participants to fill out feedback forms to let us know if they had a positive experience, and if they found the course useful, as well as what suggestions they would have for improving the experience in the future.

We thank all the group participants who agree to provide their feedback, and we are very happy

As you will see below, all the feedback was overwhelmingly positive. The feedback below is quoted directly from the forms. The language is not corrected unless it was necessary to ensure the correct grammar / spelling.

Feedback from members of the Parenting Course which ended in March 2011:


  • Enjoyed realising that most of the problems are solvable!
  • Good to discuss other parents’ issues.
  • Course Rating: Excellent.


  • When questions were asked of this group, it was great that it was left for us to brainstorm solutions rather than be given “the answer”.
  • Course Rating: Excellent


  • Good selection of case studies / examples were provided
  • Participation was encouraged.
  • A small group is very useful, you get to know all.
  • Course Rating: Very Good


  • Message about ignoring kids fighting / arguing was helpful – saw instant results
  • Course Rating: Excellent


  • Clear message, small group, easy to follow
  • Role Play was excellent for learning.
  • Course Rating: Excellent

Feedback from members of the Self-Esteem & Confidence Building Course which ended in November 2010:


  • All was well explained.
  • Brilliant course.
  • Wouldn’t take anything out.
  • Mervyn and Debbie were great.
  • Course Rating: Excellent


  • Loved the opportunity to discuss the topic with a partner, disclose how it relates to your life.
  • The topics promoted self exploration enabling me to question / challenge myself.
  • I think the topics were good and fitted the subject and presented in easy to understand language.
  • Members of the group soon learnt to open up and trust others.
  • Course rating: Excellent


  • (Answering question if there were aspects of the course that were particularly enjoyed): Getting things off my chest! Safety in this group. Trust was definitely there. Finding out we’re all alike mostly. And the tools.
  • Course Rating: Excellent


  • Enjoyed: group interaction between other members and also the practical examples done in the course.
  • All aspects of the course were very good.
  • Course Rating: Excellent


  • Overall I found the course really helpful and very worthwhile.
  • The role plays I think were very useful and good fun also!
  • Parent / adult / child theory was really interesting.
  • I think each week brought something new.
  • Having two facilitators worked really well.
  • Keep up the good work!
  • Course Rating: Excellent


  • I enjoyed group discussions adn the feedback from the group.
  • The small group allows time for more interaction than a large group would.
  • I thoroughly enjoyed it.
  • Loved the structure and topics covered. Well done! I will recommend it.
  • Course rating: Excellent

Feedback from members of the Parenting Course which ended in November 2010:


  • I enjoyed the interaction with the other attendess. Very beneficial, if similarly aged children.
  • There was nothing I felt was not beneficial.
  • Found the one-liners as examples in trying to converse with kids very hepful. Helped in trying to change approaches to situations.
  • Course Rating: Excellent


  • I enjoyed the disclosures I was able to make, as well as the disclosures of others, the discussions around understanding, managing and improving where illuminating.
  • I thought all concepts raised and applied were relevant and educational.
  • Course Rating: Excellent


  • Enjoyed the interaction with other parents.
  • Great to hear and see both the male and female aspects of parenting.
  • I feel we all gelled as a group on first night, which really helped.
  • Found the role-playing very helpful.
  • Course Rating: Very Good.


  • Enjoyed interaction + stories from other participants.
  • Good structure to course.
  • I liked getting “the script” and practicing what we learned in class
  • Course Rating: Very Good

Feedback from members of the Self-Esteem & Confidence Building course which ended in April 2010:


  • Course Rating: Very Good
  • Aspects Particularly Enjoyed:
  1. The open discussions were excellent as it helped to raise issues for everyone to talk about openly.
  2. Facilitator excellent. Very easy to talk to and open up.
  3. Tea break because that’s when everyone got to chat and know each other.


  • Course Rating: Excellent
  • Aspects Particularly Enjoyed: Just enjoyed listening to the particular theories & the growth and understanding things a lot better & learning some things to take action on for my confidence.


  • Course Rating: Very Good
  • Aspects Particularly Enjoyed: Just generally when I actually spoke rather than listening. Found most things helpful.


  • Course Rating: Excellent
  • I enjoyed every part of it, was a real eye opener. Thank you very much. Everything was first class. Great job.


  • Course Rating: Very Good.
  • I found week 4 extremely interesting and helpful.


  • Course Rating: Excellent
  • I enjoyed all aspects, especially learning about the different theories of oneself.


  • Course Rating: Very Good
  • Small size group – helps you get to know people and feel comfortable talking. Helped me open my eyes and see that I can live a better life.

The one prevalent suggestion put forward by the course participants was to extend the course to 8 weeks, as opposed to 6 weeks. However, when asked in the group setting, the participants agreed that in the current economic climate the cost of an 8-week course would make it inaccessible to many. Therefore at present the Hazelton Clinic will keep all their courses at their current 6-week structure.